Complex augmentation in posterior upper jaw

(Case by Dr Dong Hoon Lee, KOR.)


Severely atrophied posterior upper jaw in second quadrant, teeth #26 and #27 not worth preserving


Extremely narrow alveolar ridge at #24 as well as severe bone resorption at teeth #26–27 (left).

Tooth extraction #26 and #27 and preparation of a sinus window at #26. Ridge split at #24 as well as insertion of three implants at #24, 26 and 27 (right).

Augmentation of sinus cavity and lateral augmentation in #24–27 area with THE Graft (left).

Covering with OSSIX® PLUS cross-linked collagen membrane (right).


Optimal bony consolidation in the previously augmented horizontal dimension #24–27 (left) and in the augmented sinus areas #26–27 (right).

Excellent bony integration of THE Graft in the local bone (left), first signs of slow resorption and replacement by autogenous bone (right).