Complex augmentation in posterior upper jaw

(Case by Dr Dong Hoon Lee, KOR.)


Severely atrophied posterior upper jaw in second quadrant, teeth #26 and #27 not worth preserving


Extremely narrow alveolar ridge at #24 as well as severe bone resorption at teeth #26–27 (left).

Tooth extraction #26 and #27 and preparation of a sinus window at #26. Ridge split at #24 as well as insertion of three implants at #24, 26 and 27 (right).

Augmentation of sinus cavity and lateral augmentation in #24–27 area with THE Graft (left).

Covering with OSSIX® PLUS cross-linked collagen membrane (right).


Optimal bony consolidation in the previously augmented horizontal dimension #24–27 (left) and in the augmented sinus areas #26–27 (right).

Excellent bony integration of THE Graft in the local bone (left), first signs of slow resorption and replacement by autogenous bone (right).

Lateral augmentation in posterior lower jaw

(Courtesy of Dr Young Joo Jang, KOR.)


Severely atrophied posterior lower jaw in #45–47 area.


Situation post flap preparation shows bone deficit at #45–47.Due to the severe atrophy in the bucco-crestal dimension, it is not possible to insert an implant.

Restoration of the alveolar process at #45–47 with THE Graft (left).

Covering of bone particles with resorbable collagen membrane (right).


Situation on re-entry:Optimally restored contour of the alveolar process (left), allowing insertion of three implants at #45–47 (right).