Taking Volume to the MAX

OSSIX® VOLUMAX is a thick, cross-linked, ossifying collagen scaffold for restoration of lost volume in guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures.


  • Reliable volume stabilty
  • Simplified surgical stabilty
  • Improved esthetic outcome


THE Graft

Getting closer to human bone

THE Graft is a natural, mineralized bone augmentation material made from deproteinized porcine cancellous bone. Due to its porcine origin, THE Graft is structurally similar to human tissue. It has the highest possible level of porosity combined with natural interconnectivity. Thanks to the patented manufacturing process, potentially immunogenic organic elements are removed very effectively while the native material structure is ideally maintained.

Optimum Volume Retention
Native natural structure of the porcine cancellous bone ensures stabilization of the defect and improves bone regeneration.

Increased Efficiency
High porosity and early remodeling for improved clinical performance.

Safe and Biocompatible
Enhanced safety and biocompatibility profile thanks to the combination of porcine origin and a highly efficient preparation process.

Clinical case 1
Clinical cases 2 & 3
Clinical case 4
Clinical case 5
Clinical cases 6 & 7


The slow-resorbing TCP for controlled bone regeneration

OSOPIA is a synthetic biphasic calcium phosphate with a TCP/HA ratio of > 90 %/10 %. It is manufactured using an innovative proprietary process providing a material structure closer to biologically derived bone grafts than with standard synthetic materials. OSOPIA features higher bone ingrowth rates than BCP graft materials and a better controlled cellular-induced resorption pattern compared to standard TCP materials.

Sustained Regeneration
Slow resorption profile providing a continuous remodeling process for 100 % vital bone.

Innovative surface technology inducing uniform bone ingrowth and active regeneration throughout the defect.

Fully Synthetic
Synthetic graft concept designed for maximum product safety and performance.