Reliable when it counts

OSSIX® PLUS is a cross-linked collagen membrane consisting of highly purified collagen (type I) of porcine origin. This membrane is cross-linked differently than native or other cross-linked collagen membranes resulting in a unique resistance to collagenases. Therefore, OSSIX® PLUS features a significantly longer barrier function than conventional collagen membranes and is at the same time highly biocompatible, comparable to native collagen membranes.

OSSIX® PLUS has unique characteristics due to the patented GLYMATRIX® technology (cross-linking by means of the natural sugar), mimicking endogenous physiological collagen cross-linking processes.

    The unique collagenase-resistant membrane protects bone graft and supports treatment success even when exposed.
    Barrier function up to 6 months optimizes bone regeneration.
  • Proven
    Documented biocompatibility and proven clinical performance as bases for safe application and predictable therapy results.
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10 x 10 mm - the smallest membrane

SMARTBRANE is a resorbable collagen membrane made from porcine pericardium. Thus, it features all benefits of a modern native collagen membrane.

In addition to the standard membrane sizes, it is available in a mini format of 10 x 10 mm. This offers a more economic membrane solution especially for regeneration of small bone defects optimizing your cost-benefit structure.

  • Simple
    Optimized handling properties ensuring straight-forward application.
  • Reliable
    Natural collagen matrix preserved by scCO2 cleaning technology for enhanced graft performance.
  • Pure
    Excellent biocompatibility for improved wound healing.
Clinical case 1
Clinical cases 2 & 3
Clinical case 4