March 9-10, 2018
Concepts of soft- and hard tissue management around teeth and implants.


Prof Dr Stefan Fickl
Professor in the department of Periodontology, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Course objectives

Today techniques to restore hard- and soft tissue around teeth and implants are quite similar. Soft tissue management around teeth involves distinguished grafting techniques to restore the gingival architecture. Here soft tissue healing is of most importance. Hyaluronic acid can help in these cases to speed up wound healing and by this improve the predictability of the treatment result. Also in implant dentistry grafting techniques from the field of periodontal plastic surgery have been implemented and can improve the esthetic result of implants in the anterior zone.

In this interactive hands-on workshop we will discuss different surgical approaches to correct soft- and hard tissue around teeth and implants.

Course type

Theoretical and practical course with hands-on workshop.

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Course Location

Hotel Waldegg, Schwandstrasse 91, CH-6390 Engelberg


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